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Instructional Design Tips

The sole purpose of this project is to introduce various Web 2.0 tools to practitioners in the field of education so that they can make use of these tools in their virtual teaching settings.

Project Description:

The "Instructional Design Tips & Tricks and Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers" is intended for pre-service and in-service teachers. Each video on the "Öğretmen Kişi" Youtube channel is dedicated for the effective use of a particular Web 2.0 tool and the purpose is to encourage more teachers to integrate such tools in their lesson plans. Our role in this project includes duties such as creating the written content and editing videos as well as outspeaking the script of the videos.

The introductory video promotes the channel to the intended audience.

The video entitled "Genially" introduces one of the most fun Web 2.0 tools that can be used in both virtual and conventional face-to-face teaching settings. Genially is a Web 2.0 tool offering "Escape Room" content. Teachers can utilize this interactive tool to keep their students engaged in the learning process.

The "Quizlet" video offers an in-depth description of Quizlet Web 2.0 tool which is one of the most frequently used tools by teachers and students around the world.Teachers can prepare interactive quizzes and assign them to their classes. The tool also offers a "Live" mode, which is great fun for students regardless of the type of lesson.

The "Class Roaster" video introduces several different Web 2.0 tools for teachers to take attendance in distance education.Pros and Cons of each Web 2.0 tool are discussed, which enables teachers to choose among whichever tool is suitable for them.

The "Kahoot" video introduces this Web 2.0 tool to the practitioners in the field of education. Also, teachers can find information about how to create Bitmoji classes on Kahoot.

The "Google Classroom" video aims to serve as a guide for teachers in transitioning to virtual classrooms.

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