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Instructional Design Projects

Your individualized design process...

Here is how things will look like throughout your journey here at FusionLearnX


Step 1

Kick-off Meeting for the Project Plan

In our kick-off meeting, the customer is informed about our systematic approach to the e-learning design and development process. In addition, the learner needs are discussed with the customer and the customized action map for our project is presented to the customer.


Step 3

Course Development

In the third step of our systematic approach to instructional design, our team develops the course content that is aligned with the customer's learning needs. Then, a prototype is designed, developed, reviewed, and finalized.


Step 5

Course Implementation

In this fifth and last step, the "Course Implementation" takes place. We publish the course in the customer's Learning Management System (LMS) for a pilot study. Based on the feedback from the pilotees, if any, we make the final revisions and publish the the final version of the training.


Step 2

First Storyboard Draft

In our second meeting, the customer is presented a "Storyboard Draft" which includes the multimedia content to be used in the project. Then, a storyboard and visual mock-ups outlining the learning content are presented and revisions are discussed.


Step 4

Adding Interaction

The next step consists of "Adding Interaction" in which interactive elements are integrated into the e-learning training based on the learners' digital literacy. The previously developed prototype now becomes an interactive course.


Our jouney is not over yet!

Post-project Phase

At this point, we analyze the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) by means of the xAPI statements inetgrated into the training. By doing so, we offer our customers a detailed analysis of their learners' performance as well as a clear image of who is falling behind.

Empowering learning through creative design

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