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Occupational Health and Safety Training

This e-learning module aimed to empower learners employed by an international construction firm by delivering engaging workplace safety procedures training.

Project Description:

This training consists of four modules. However, only Module 2 is publicly accessible due to privacy and copyright issues.

The client contacted us regarding their need to improve the learning process. Conventionally the OHS training was provided by means of a PowerPoint presentation. However, the client was looking for an interactive training that would facilitate the learning for the employees. With the integration of xAPI statements into the training, learners' interactions with the course elements are collected on the Learning Record System (LRS) for the analysis of learners' performance throughout the training.

Upon successful completion of this e-Learning module, the learners will be able to:
  1. develop a solid understanding of Occupational Health and Safety.
  2. acknowledge and state the reasons for Occupational Health and Safety.
  3. acknowledge and describe the safety signs.
  4. describe and apply the “SAFE” prevention system in the offices.

The audience of this e-Learning module included construction workers and civil engineers working in different construction sites of the company.

The process included the observation of the work setting by taking a field trip to one of the construction sites, short unstructured interviews with SMEs including the leadman and the lead project officer, the design and implementation of the module as part of a pilot study, the final revision of the module, and finally the publication of the final version of the "Occupational Health & Safety Training" for the intended audience.

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